And the living is easy

Today I’ve cleaned my desk. That, along with tying some loose ends, was all I had planned to do today but that was not what happened. More than half the day was spent taking care of just one case involving plenty of people and plenty of time, only to get an e-mail that told me that me and all the others didn’t do enough. That put me down a bit but soon I was my usual charming and happy self again and I did what I had planned. I tied the loose ends and I cleaned my desk.  It’s spotless and pretty and shiny. I marvel over how splendid it looks.image

So why have I cleaned my desk and why is it important? Let me tell you, today was my last day before summer vacation. Five glorious free weeks, loverly! I’m not going to be at the office, I’m on vacation! I don’t want any responsibilities, no “musts” and “have-tos”, I’m just going to say “I’m on vacation”. Just me, knitting and the summer fun.image
Green meadows, never setting sun, warm evenings and ice cream. Good friends, good yarn, good times.

I celebrated by having my favourite pastry at my favourite café.image
They’re so good and quite rich but if I could have one right now, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. Chocolate and just a tiny slice of marzipan. So good!

Also, my lace is progressing. So much in fact, that I had to pick up my ball winder to wind myself another ball of yarn.image

Now I can do the last little bit that’s left. Here I go, I’m on vacation!