Starting out well


It’s the first day of fall and there is a little chill in the air. I┬ádo like fall so it’s not a problem but I don’t mind keeping it off a little longer. There will be plenty of time for tea, hand knit socks, blankets and cosy sweaters, hats and mittens and the cold biting your cheeks later on but for now, let’s keep it slow. There are still so many flowers in bloom and sunshine and green leaves and I don’t want to rush them away. I waited for so long for them to come and now that they’re here they might as well stay for as long as they can. I’m glad for my new socks though and I don’t mind preparing for Christmas but other than that, let’s not jump ahead shouting Fall! before its actually here. I got things in the mail today that agree with me and that will help keep the fall away a little longer, and they were both pink. I can take a pink start to the fall any day and I think this is a sign, the fall will be lovely, rose colored and quite possibly very French. I love it already.