The importance of details

Rainy Day Mitts 1

It’s interesting how much is in the details. It’s sometimes the difference between failure and success, between beauty and mess, between thoughtfulness and indifference. I’m very good with details. I think of them, I take care of them, I fight for them when others think I’m being ridiculous. Sometimes the details are too… detailed, like with the sweater I knit for my nephew. Some of the details are cute, like the big red button at the bottom. Some of them were just unnuecessary work, like the stitches that were supposed to look like seams on this otherwise seamless sweater (I really like seamless things in case that has been unclear before).

Rainy Day Mitts 3

Sometimes even I, the master of details, am thinking of letting go of the details though. When I knit these fingerless mitts I played with the idea to skip the flap and the button. I thought it unnecessary. But then I thought the mitts would look a little boring and plain if I left out the button and so I moved forward.

Rainy Day Mitts 2

Now I’m really glad I did because that button make the entire difference. Not only is it pretty and builds character to these otherwise fairly plain mitts, but it also helps with the fit since you can adjust how tight you want the mitts to be around your wrist. It’s the perfect detail and, as decorative buttons usually do (once I’ve taken the trouble to actually sew them on), charms me to no end. I will probably make these knits again. After all, Christmas is coming.

Rainy Day Mitts 4

Pattern: Rainy Day Mitts by Allison Lawler. Yarn: Loden from Gepard Garn, color 816. No mods.