Inspiring but insane


Last week I mentioned that Christmas is coming and we’d better prepare. I have started by borrowing a book with Christmas inspired knitting patterns. 55 knitting patterns and they all look very pretty if perhaps a little overly and unnecessarily complicated. I’ll let you know more when I’ve knit something from it. All in all, a pretty book. There is just one thing though. The authors, who has written a bok with Christmas inspired knitting patterns, advice not to knit on Christmas Eve. Are they insane? A day without knitting is a bad day, why would I want Christmas Eve, of all days,┬áto be a bad day? Christmas Eve is reward knitting time, all the gifts are done and I can finally knit on whatever my heart desires. And they tell me not to knit? Clearly I need to take what they say with a pinch of salt.

Pft, not knit on Christmas Eve, pft!