Amongst meringue and pirates

Today has been a lovely day and I spent it visiting with my aunt Vivian in Stockholm. It was her birthday a couple of weeks ago and today I was able to give her my gift.wpid-DSC_0630.jpg

It was of course the lace I’ve been making and now I can finally show you what it became of it.

A handkerchief!

A handkerchief with the letter M embroidered in the corner.

M is for my nick name for my aunt, what I’ve always called her ever since I was a kid. She has always been Aunt Vivian which in Swedish is “moster Vivian”, with moster being the word for your mother’s sister (faster is the word for your father’s sister, Swedish differenciate between the relatives on your mother’s and father’s side), but when I was a kid it was too hard to pronounciate this so I came up with a shorter mix of the two words.

She was very happy with the gift but we both agreed on that this is not a handkerchef anyone would use during a cold. It’s more of a waving-at-your-relatives-when-your-steam-train-leaves-the-platform-handkerchief.

The lace is called Victoria and is designed by Ewonne Guhrés, a friend of my bobbin lace teacher who introduced me to the pattern.


Aunt Vivian is a great cook and she offered us both cheese and shrimp pie and meringue cake.
Meringue and strawberries, a very summery cake and it tasted divine.

We also had a great view of Riddarfjärden with the city hall in the background, where the Nobel banquet is held, from Aunt Vivian’s window.wpid-DSC_0635.jpg

On our way back we took a stroll along the firth and we ran into some pirates.

Or at least their ship. Ahoy, ye landlubbers!