With the wind in my back


There is a lot of pictures of white lace here right now (hm, haven’t we been here before…?) but this time it’s easier to spot progress. I have realized I really like this cardigan and I can’t wait for it to be finished.

A few years ago I was in a 150 kilometer bicycle race. It was hard but it was also fun and by the time we reached 100 km the feeling that we were almost finished spread. That was of course a lie, 50 km is a lot and takes quite some time but the feeling was hard to shake of. When we had 30 km left, the sky opened up and the rain poured down on us for the rest of the race. 30 km in terrible rain is not a walk in the park. We stood at the last pit stop drinking tea and just wished it to be over and when we finally were done, we were wet to the bone. Never has a hot shower felt better.

I think this cardigan is quite the same, it’s light yarn and thin needles and just because I can see the sleeves I think that I’m almost done, that I’m at the 100 km mark and the rest is just downhill from here. That is of course a mistake, there might be some heavy rain coming in soon and I just might not continue after I reach the last pit stop. I will do my best though and right now I have the wind in my back and I love every moment of my knitting. Let’s hope it lasts for quite some time.