The best of interests


There are days like this when I’m extremely grateful one of my major interests is knitting. I’m always happy I love knitting but days like this I just love it a little bit more. You see, knitting is something you can do indoors, by yourself and without that much energy. I also love to dance but that requires some preparations and a big enough area, it usually involves another person and you need quite a lot of energy. Today, that would have been impossible. The grass is blooming and that means there is a lot of pollen on the air. That, by consequence, makes me tired, my eyes itches, my nose runs and I sneeze all the time. Not a good day to be outdoors and nor do I have the energy to go outdoors either. Hence, I’m really glad I love knitting because I have had plenty of time to knit today and I’ve made good progress on a sleeve. Hopefully by tomorrow it will have rained so the pollen allergy won’t be as bad. I will still be knitting but I’d rather feel a bit better while doing it.