Damson in distress


When I decided to do Me Made May 16 I thought it was fun but there were a few things I did not think of. I mostly knit in wool. This is not a secret but together with the other fact that occured this week – that it has been summer weather and very warm – it hasn’t been a very ideal combination. Since last week was so cold I wasn’t at all prepared for warmer weather and I didn’t know what to wear, even less what knitwear to wear. If I ever decide to be in a Me Made Month again I might pick my own, like Me Made March. That is more suitable for knitwear.


Wednesday was fine, I wore my new pink shawl, but Thursday snuck up on me and I was heading out the door when I realized I was lacking in the knitwear department. Luckily Damson by Ysolda Teague came to my rescue. I knit it two years ago and it was perfect for my Thursday outfit. Friday I picked up my Color Affection, which now more resembles a scarf than a shawl so that worked out too. Today we were going to the opera in Stockholm to watch Alice in Wonderland balet and getting dressed up in warm weather is quite hard, especially when you are going to be indoors in a chilly theater. I picked Beatrice, or the Rappaccini’s Garden shawl which worked out very well. What to do for tomorrow I have no idea but I have bought a lot of cotton to make myself a more weather appropriate item. I’ll hurry on that one.