Safe start


The Me-Made-May challenge has started and so far I’ve played it safe. Yesterday I spent most day indoors – with knitting¬†but not wearing knitting – but when I went to the gym and book club meeting later in the afternoon I put on a pair of fingerless mitts, the ones I wear most days so that wasn’t really a challenge, but I figure if I’m going to be able to wear a new piece of knitwear every day and not repeat myself then I have to make everything count. Hence, mitts but no hat yesterday. It was actually too warm to be wearing mitts too¬†but later in the evening, when I was going home, it was chillier. This morning I still wore the mitts but added a hat to my outfit (I wore the hat in the morning only though, it was too warm later). This week it’s getting warmer so I wonder how good idea it was to pledge to wear knitwear every day but I’ll be persistent. For tomorrow I have to plan a bit and I also need to start thinking of the shawl I’ve pledged to make. What a lovely problem!