As promised – pink in March. I’ve been wanting to try this pattern for quite some time now but it was impossible to find the right yarn and right amount. Nothing in my stash was right, I had high hopes for a red yarn but it wasn’t not enough. When Sharelle went to the states though, I had a plan for my yarn purchases and, among others, I ordered three skeins of pink sport weight. On Monday evening they were ready to come out of the freezer and yesterday I cast on. The pattern is lovely but terribly complicated in the sense that I have to pay close attention all the time so I don’t mess up. This is obviously not the ideal grab-and-run-out-the-door knitting but very good sit-on-the-couch knitting. I think it will keep on being interesting for quite some time but I’m also sure this is not something I can whip up no time. If the shawl is done by the end of April I’m pleased and it will work so well with May. I’m even knitting bobbles and I appreciate them (I usually don’t) so this pattern has really cast a spell on me.