Easter Mitts


Happy Easter! It’s been a lovely day, everything has been in Easter theme. We had a great lunch at my mother’s together with Julle’s parents.


We even had yellow desert – lemon curd – and had yellow earrings. I wore my shawl and we had chocolate sheep, eggs and bunnies.


I must say I very much like the mixture of Polish and Swedish traditions. These are Easter palmtrees, so beautiful and lovely. I got some of my own too and they are wonderful. I also got Polish tea and apple chips (delicious!), which I had after my workout this evening.


Even my knitting is very Easter-y, yellow and soft. I really like this yarn and it goes so well with the table cloth that my great aunt Vera made. I will wear these wristwarmers at other times than just Easter though. I can’t walk around with a table cloth in my arms all the time, that would be weird.