Weekend summary


So, the end of the weekend and time to do a little kitting summary. It’s been a quiet weekend but still not just knitting time on the couch: errands, social events, working out, those kinds of things. I have been able to squeeze in quite a lot of knitting though. The mittens have gotten thumbs and are now blocking. Ends and the sewing of an edge and we are done with them once and for all. They are not bad, not bad at all, in fact, they are pretty, but just, I don’t know, wrong, right now. Also, they’ve been going on for almost a month and they are winter and I’m not winter anymore. They’ve been draging out which is mostly because I got a little tired of them which made me putting them on hold which only took longer time, of course. But now they are blocking.

Then we have the purple that I cast on a week ago. It had a hem and two sleeves left on Friday afternoon and it would have been finished by now had I not run out of yarn. About ten rows from the end of the second sleeve. So annoying. Hopefully there will be more yarn present after tomorrow.


I looked into knitting some green. In fact, I went through the entire green fingering shelf in my stash before I realized I do have a green UFO and this is the year of finishing things after all. I took out my UFO, removed the yarn in the wrong color – yes, the second combination I tried out was wrong too – and made two rows with a new contrasting color but I didn’t feel it. I will finish it but it felt too complicated right now. Charts and stuff. I want “knit in the round for 20 cm” without having to think too much. I’m constantly on the run these days and I don’t have time for complicated. So I cast on the beige. It might not be the best and lovliest of colors but the intended garment is in the round and will allow me to have my mind somewhere else while I knit. It’s not a UFO but both this and the purple are made from stash yarn (if yarn can be considered stash yarn if they’ve only been in the stash since September and was always intended for something like this) which was also a criteria for this year. (You see, the mittens didn’t meet either criteria and look what happened there.) I did buy some yarn too but it was way too delicious to resist. I’m only human after all.