March 8


International Women’s Day. I wasn’t going to do anything special today, I just don’t have the energy, which, I know, is a horrible thing to say. I don’t have the energy to stand up for women’s rights? Of course I do! But at the same time, I just want to sit down and knit. Then I started a feminist rant at a meeting today and was very determined about it and I hadn’t planed on doing anything like that but then again, you never know when a feminist rant is needed (more frequent than you might think).


For a long time now I’ve been more for celebrating March 8 than for demonstrating or something else. I can demonstrate any day of the year but for March 8 I just want to have a great time with amazing women. The best March 8 I’ve ever spent was 7 years ago, it was a sunny Sunday and me a girl I liked very much went to a Concert where a group of young girls sang feminist songs from different decades. They were so talented and I felt energized and happy afterwards (not at all depressed as my friends who went to demonstrate did (but their depression was fruitful too, it meant founding our book club and now I have the best of two worlds, the memory of that great concert with that lovely girl and a meeting with an awesome book club every other Sunday) and me and the lovely, lovely girl left the concert with a spring in our step. That’s the best March 8 I’ve ever celebrated.


Today I want to take the opportunity to show you this cowl, knit for my dear friend Karin. I love knitting for Karin because she often sits in cold environments at the university library and I want her to be warm. Karin share almost all my feminist believes (or I share her’s, it depends on how you look at it) and she is a friend that will always be there for you whenever times are rough.


Karin has hold my hand in good times and in bad and I love her so much. She is definitely someone to hold on to when the wind blows and a cowl that protects her neck from draughts and cold winds in return is the least I can give her. She is my rock! I want to cover her and all of my friends with soft and cozy knitwear, together with strong friendship that crosses all oceans and stands solid no matter what. Friendships are the best! And that’s what I want to remember this March 8.

Now I’m going to separate sleeves from a body and then go to bed. It’s a knitting thing.


Pattern: Viewfinder by tincanknits. Yarn: Drops Lace from Garnstudio, color Red.