Där de härliga lagrarna gro – hurra!

At my university when you have earned your doctoral status there is a huge ceremony where you walk across a symbolic Parnassus wearing a laurel wreath (or a doctoral hat depending on your academic field). After the ceremony people either throw the wreath away, put it up on a wall to dry or cook with it. When our friend and fellow knitter Eva defended her thesis the other day, we felt that she deserved all the laurels one could get and thus began the building of a laurel wreath worthy of a knitter.


We bought delicious yarn and Helena brought wire, Jenny crocheted laurel leaves and me and Helena started building the wreath after we had toasted in champagne to the new doctor.


The result was a lovely yarn wreath that fit perfectly despite the fact that we had only guessed Eva’s hat size. We presented it to her during the celebration dinner and told her that this wreath is good for many things, there are at least three shawls in here, but you should avoid cooking with it. Eva wore the wreath all evening and has told me she might not want to take it apart to use the yarn. We might have to get her more yarn…