Emergency knitting


A little while ago I realized I needed a knitted gift but I had no time to make it. Luckily I had a pair of fingerless mitts left from 2013 in a box and I could give those away. That made me thinking that this isn’t such a bad idea, to fill up a box with cuffs or something else that is small enough to make for a good and quick gift that comes in handy when you don’t have much time and things are sneaking up on you. With two weeks to spare I can pull of a shawl if I put everything else aside but in one or two days it’s trickier. My plan is to stack up on cuffs or baby socks or something like that in a variety of colors so I will never be unprepared. Also, knittings like that can come in handy when you realize you have a day of public knitting ahead of you but your current knitting will be finished during that time and you have no time to cast on a new project (it takes a while to find needles and notions and patterns and such, not to mention yarn). This has happen to me no less than twice in the past two weeks and a quick project was the solution both times. If I have my quick project I will always know what to do and what to make and I have everything I need with me. It’s the “safe knitting”, or emergency knitting, when you knit something mostly because you have a lot of knitting time and you will go crazy if you can’t knit during that time but at the same time you’re in between projects. Then you never have to fear running out of yarn or finishing something quicker than expected because you always have your emergency knitting. I rather like this plan.