The rain in Paris


While we’re waiting for one UFO to be finished, let’s show another one. (Just to keep you updated, button bands are knit and the body is re-blocking (serves me right for blocking without a measuring tape the first time) and I have started on my shawl from yesterday.) This was the third MKAL of last year and I quit it about ten rows from the end. But that’s the thing about MKAL’s, you don’t know how close to the end you are.


(Please ignore the dead tomato plant to the right. It’s a left over from last summer. Who has time to really clean their balcony? We brought the cushions back inside in mid-January…)


Once I picked this one up again it was done in a blink of an eye. Or, it would have been if it wheren’t for all those beads. As it is, it took about five blinks but it was still darn quick. If only I had known. But then again, I had to prioritize the lace.


This MKAL was inspired by springtime in Paris and it sure looks like little Eiffel Towers are being worked in there. The color combination is nice, it really feels like Paris in the springtime. It’s like we used to say when I was a teenager, you haven’t really been kissed until you’ve been kissed in the rain in Paris. (Technically I have been kissed in the rain in Paris and it wasn’t better nor worse than being kissed in the rain anywhere else. Rain is rain, it’s only romantic in movies and I’d say it all depends on who you are kissing but if you’re going to get wet it’s way better to be at home where all your dry clothes are instead of travelling where you only stay at a hotel room with limited suitcase space.)


Gray seems to be an it-color this pre-spring so I’ve gotten som use of the shawl but it is not big, not if you are looking for a wrap. It works better as a shoulder warmer thing than an actual shawl. I wore it as a shawl the other day and it constantly fell off.


All in all though it’s a nice little shawl and for once in a color combination that actually works and is not a challenge in itself. I especially like the middle rectangle pattern and the construction of it all was pretty cool, to actually form a rectangle by knitting in the round. I have a special bond with Paris and this shawl didn’t disappoint me in that aspect. Paris is pink, Paris is gray, Paris is lovely and romantic and our relationsship status? Well, it’s complicated.


Pattern: Paris in the Springtime by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Twinkle and Posh from Stunning String Studio, colors French Lilac and Dove.