A hat in all modesty


I have decided I need a new hat. A hat that I can fit over my hair, even if I wear it up that day. I found a skein of lovely red yarn in my stash, I’m totally in love with it, and I cast on this morning. I have an idea that I should look through my project bags and locate unfinished objects and finish them. I will also try to look through my stash and actually dare knit from it whenever I’m in need of a new project. I know there are a lot of yarn there that have intended projects and I should really try to actually knit them. That is something that I will try to do this year and of course the, at least, 12 projects for me. This hat is a new knitting, not an old from a project bag, but I get away with it partly because I felt I needed it and it’s for me and partly because I used stash yarn. I have high hopes for this hat, I hope it pays off.