The Vampire Shawl


The opera is a good opportunity to dress up if you are so inclined and I have a lot of pretty shawls. Some of them are even with beads which makes them even more festive.


This one I call my Vampire shawl, partly because the designer hadn’t released the real name for the shawl at the time of the knitting, but that’s not all of it. It feels very vampire, especially in these colors. It also feels quite steam punk.


This might be one of the prettier shawls I’ve made. I like the gradient grays and the contrast with the deep red.


Even the beads are gradient. Isn’t that just so clever? Please note that this is not my idea, this was a yarn kit I received from the designer together with the yarn company as part of my yarn club.


If this is the Vampire shawl, with the red, but my steam punk dress is not red so I’m pretty sure I need another one of these shawls – in green.


Pattern: Graydient by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, colors Fog, Pewter, Charcoal, Little Black Dress and Broken Heart.