For the rest of the knit season


It’s the time of the year when most things are secret and very hush-hush. Christmas is just a few weeks away and the knitting needles are forever clicking but nothing can be shown. So far four Christmas gifts are just a block away so this weekend is going to be a major blocking weekend. It will be great.


I don’t know how many gifts are still in pipeline, I figure I will just go on knitting until Christmas Eve and we’ll see how much is finished by then. I do have yarn for no less than three Vacillates too but none is really a Christmas gift and one is actually for me.


Then I also have two more projects I’d like to make for myself, two shawls. One especially is adorable and looks like such a fun knit. I’m looking forward to dig into my stash and maybe loose few pounds there. There are so much un-knit knittings in the future but step one is Christmas gifts. So, more knitting and a lot more blocking this weekend.


Pattern: Hidden Gusset by Mone Dräger. Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, color Pocion. Mods: I decrased two stitches on the opposite side of the thumb just before the final ribbing to make them a little snugger since my hands are narrower over my fingers. I made the mitts a little longer so they would cover my knuckles and I knit the final ribbing with needles 2,5 mm instead of 2,75 mm. I made these last spring when I was sick of knitting white lace and I love them. They were a delight to knit and they are lovely to wear.