A month


So, today I’ve been married for a month and I had hoped to be able to show you the pictures of the veil in all its glory but unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, I don’t have them ready yet. You’ll have to settle for this one, taken by Agnieszka during the ceremony. It was a little difficult to know how to wear it and both the hairdresser and the florist had suggested that the other one could make arrangements for it. I did know from the beginning though how I wanted to wear it and with the help of my mum we put it on and once it was on it stayed on till I took it off. I’m quite happy the place for the ceremony was in the shades, a huge woolen wedding veil is quite warm even in a place like Sweden.

I can’t say this month has been any different to previous months. I have gone to the lake quite a bit and I have been able to knit things that are not white but other than that things have been quite the same. Who knows, maybe by next month I will be ready to share pictures too.

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