Of which we will talk quitely

So, these past few days I’ve done something completely out of character. I picked up a crochet hook and then I couldn’t put it done. I don’t think that has ever happened before. I have made the occasional crocheted border on knitted garments but other than that I’ve never felt the urge to crochet. I know how to do it of course but I’ve never fallen for it, like with knitting.


Now though, I don’t know what happened but crochet I did and fun it was and when I was done I hade made flowers and I had even bought more yarn to make matching flowers.


I ended up with a big pink flower in three layers.


A smaller pink flower in two layers with the same yarn but different color.


And a small flower with two layers in a different yarn weight.


I’m not sure this crochet frenzy will continue and I might only want to make flowers but I guess I could always put pretty flowers on things I knit.

Pattern: Rosa by Drops design. Yarn: Muskat from Drops design in colors 10 Peach and 29 Old pink and Mandarin Petit from Sandness garn in color 4517.