The strangest thing


Do you know what this is? No? Neither did Julle when I asked him. He guessed it was a cardigan for a small someone but that the sleeves where pretty weird. He’s right, had this been a cardigan, which it’s not, had it been very weird since there are no armholes under the sleeves. So no, not a cardigan. It’s actually becoming a slipper. I’m not sure myself yet how that will happen but if I manage to get this into what’s on the picture in the pattern, it will be very pretty. First I need to finish this one and then there is another one (slippers usually come in pairs) and then there is felting. I’ve never felted before so that will be interesting. We’ll se how it all turns out. I’m mostly interested in seeing if this will actually become something that might be remotely related to a slipper because right now the resemblance is hard to see. Knit on and see.