Turn a corner

It’s been a while since there was any bobbin lace in this blog. Somehow last fall I just couldn’t find neither time nor room to do it while we lived two people in one room with only one table (which means that every time you want to eat, which is every day, you need to move your bobbin lace pillow to the floor and then be careful not to kick it so the bobbins will fall out of place). Then we moved to a bigger apartment and got more than one table but, again due to lack of time and a bookcase, my study was a mess for a long, long time. Also, even though bobbin lace is awesome and should be top priority always, people start looking weird at you if it turns out all you have to wear is one skirt and three tops and you keep wearing these clothes. A lot. Especially your co-workers might have an opinion, since they meet you everyday. So, because society obviously doesn’t understand the importance of bobbin lace, you kind of have to sort out your wardrobe before you sort out your study. But, once the wardrobe was sorted and the boxes containing clothes were unpacked, nothing could stop me from sorting my study.


Once that was done I could finally start making some lace. Do you remember the Corn flower and Ear of Ray lace? The one where I learnt how to make a corner? Well, I’ve decided to clear up some pillows and this was first.


It turned out I was almost at the second corner so I did what I remembered Heléne doing on the first corner. First I secured my bobbins.


Then I removed most of the pins.


Then I turned it, 90 degrees and quickly pinned it down again.


It’s kind of a mess once it’s turned and before you’ve started in the new direction.


In the end it turned (pun intended) out pretty nice I must say, and I was able to finish the whole lace. Now this pillow is empty and I’ve moved on to a chicken.


A pretty nice lace, don’t you agree?


Close up on my corner. Again it strikes me how cool bobbin lace is. And, I always think it takes a long time to make but it doesn’t, a few hours and this lace was done. Hopefully my new study will enable me to make more of this because it’s great fun at the same time as it’s contemplative.