Halfway mark


Yep, it’s been proved again. Knitting happens when you actually knit and that’s the ony way, no matter how knitters world wide have tried to Volcan mind melt the project into knitting itself, or somehow become bigger, while being tuct into it’s project bag. It doesn’t work (which obviously won’t stop me from keep trying).

I’ve knit quite a lot on my blanket this weekend. I knit while we were entertaining on Friday evening. I knit at a cocktail party on Saturday night. I knit at book club tonight. It turns out I’ve come halfway. I’ve made 44 cm out of 81. This should mean it’s sort of downhill from here but I’m not going to fall into the trap of thinking I’m almost done, there are many, many rows left but at least I’ve done more rows than I have left and that is great for the mental picture of the project. A lot can still happen but right now I’m pretty confident I will actually finish this blanket. Knock on wood…