Naval Affection


I have completely forgotten to show this. It’s been done for about three weeks and I use it frequently (it goes very well with my new white jacket my mother-in-law gave me, thank you, Ula!) because, you know, stripes are great! Plus my back and neck hurt like crazy and there is nothing like a gorgeous shawl that you knit yourself to make the pain a little easier. Also it helps that it is wool, it’s summer and

that those two combined mean that a shawl, made of the former, around your neck during the latter will be as warm as a bonfire in Sahara at noon.


This is, (finally!) my Color Affection, designed by Veera Välimäki.


The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in colors Côte d’Azur, Ravelry Red and Natural.


I modified it a bit. I used backwards loop cast on increases to make the edge stretchier. Also, the pattern says to use contrasting color no. 2 (i.e. the red) for the bottom edge but I just thought it would look better in blue.


I love that the colors are not completely solid so that there are some tints in the blue especially.


I enjoyed every moment of knitting this shawl and I’m so happy I finally got something I really liked instead of that icky attempt back in April. Now maybe I can get this shawl out of my system.


I wear it several days a week and I’m even making sure new attires match this shawl before I buy something. Aparentely stripes in blue, white and red are “in” right now if I can trust what’s on display in the stores, so I totally made a lucky guess with my colors choices there.We will have a long and sweet relationship, me and the shawl. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Also, my toes are still intact. I’ll tell you tomorrow why that is significant.

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