My little Easter egg

The weather has been lovely this weekend and we have put the winter clothes into (a figurative) storage and started using a new little sweater instead. Well, “new,” it was knit over a year ago but we haven’t used it until now. It’s a sweater that is quite wide and very, very colorful.

Me Made seems to like it, at least as long as it’s not too warm.

I saw the yarn at my LYS and realized it would be lovely for a baby sweater so I cast on. I was right, the result is amazing and so fitting for the season. It looks even better on the baby and I believe babies likes colorful clothing very much. At least mine does.

A sweater like this is not something I would knit for anyone though. It used up two yarn balls and I had to twerk it a bit to make that happen, otherwise I would have had to buy a third ball and that just felt ridiculously expensive for a baby sweater. Not just expensive but simply too much yardage. Also, it seems to work fine even without those extra rows.

Me Made looked like a cute little Easter egg in the cardigan. The sleeves are a bit too short ┬ábut that’s okay. Now I just hope the weather will be good enough so that Me Made can wear this for a while before it eventually becomes too small.

Pattern: Sticka till baby: kofta by Camilla Skurup. Yarn: Edition 3 from Schoppel-Wolle, color: 2296 English Garden. Mods: I made fewer rows in the back and also stockinette stitch instead of garter stitch.

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