So much orange

I did it! I went into the stash, or rather, I dove into the stash. I picked up all the light fingering yarn from my favorite brands and I came out with two project bags full of leftovers. Not surprisingly I have a lot of pink but also quite some blue and green and red. White is apparently something I use a lot too but there is barely any black. What is most surprising though is the amount of orange. I can’t understand when I’ve used that much orange. There is the orange contrast on my Suki, I guess. That must have generated one of the leftover balls. I could imagine Hanna’s shawl also giving me some leftovers. And when I thought orange and green were the colors of the year. When I think about it, it’s no wonder I have so much orange among my leftovers. Since me and orange have a complicated relationship I’ve never used the leftovers and it would seem I haven’t knit in orange, or at least this orange, since 2014. I must say it was fun to reminisce old projects.

Now I only need to decide what yarn to use for my leftover project. It won’t be orange though.