I’m about to believe you

I’ve often heard that crocheting is such a quick craft compared to knitting. It’s faster but requires more yarn. I heard it from dedicated crocheters whom I trust but I haven’t really experienced it myself, granted I’m not a crocheter and thus haven’t enough empirical data to draw conclusions from. Also, I’ve mostly crocheted different flowers and such and they are perhaps a bit fiddly.

Now though, now I’m not so sure anymore. I think my shawl is moving forward quite rapidly, I’m already at the sixth section. This could be because I’ve had more time than usual to crochet, time is a real thing and it’s obvious you get a lot more done in two hours than in thirty minutes. It could also depend on the pattern, maybe this pattern is particularly easy and that’s why it moves forward so smoothly. Maybe I’ve gotten better at the craft and that’s why I think it’s quicker, I don’t have to think that much on What I’m doing. Maybe it’s a combination of all these factors.

Or maybe, just maybe, crocheting just is a quicker craft in general.