A bit like Goldilocks

Earlier this year my LYS launched a sock pattern for a pair of stripey socks. It was a particularly nice sock pattern, clever but not too difficult. Me and a lot of other knitters got obsessed with it. It required two different yarns and there were infinite possibilities of different color combinations. Since I spend a lot of time in my LYS I found more and more combinations that I wanted to try.

First there were purple socks for me. I knit, it went fast like the wind and I finished. The only problem with this pattern is that it’s about a million ends to weave in. A total of 28 to be exact. That’s about 24 too many for a pair of socks. They might be worth it though.

After they were finished I had a lot of leftovers. The yarn is kind of expensive so I’m glad I got leftovers but I wasn’t sure how much I had and what I could make. Then someone I know lost someone they held dear and it was clear I needed to make socks. This someone happens to love purple and here I was with a lot of leftover sock yarn in purple. The answer was obvious.

This someone has feet that are a lot smaller than mine so I took a chance and it worked out, I had enough yarn. I finished the socks and delivered them, a little late I admit, to the receiver.

If that wasn’t enough, I still had leftover yarn. And another someone was waiting for a little Me Made of her own. So I made another pair of socks, mini socks. The yarn just kept on giving.

All in all I got three pairs of socks out of the sock kit for just one pair. That’s quite amaizing and considering how many kits I’ve got, there can be a lot of socks around here. If only I had the time to knit them…

Pattern: Zebrasockor by Hanna for Yllotyll Design (adult socks) and Babysockor med. stretch from Järbo (baby socks). Yarn: Crazy Zauberball from Shoppel Wolle (all three pairs), color 1699 Fliederduft, and Sisu fom Sandnes Garn, color 5224 (adult socks). No mods.