Classic with a twist


Some traditions are easy to follow and some are not. A few months ago I found out that apparently the clothes a baby wears when coming home from the hospital is a big thing, something to save as an heirloom. I didn’t know about this and neither did the friends that I spoke with about it. Some of them just shrugged and asked why bother but I couldn’t do that. I’m not good at cooking and won’t take home any titles as mother of the year for my cinnamon rolls. I’m not the one to run around playing and there are other areas as well where I won’t be the best. But I’m a knitter, that’s where I can do something and I’ll be damned if my kid isn’t going to wear the best stuff.

So I went in search for deliciousness. I knew almost immediately what pattern I wanted, or rather what pattern features I wanted – a picot hem. That would set this cardigan apart from all other cardigans.

I find picot hems adorable on the right garment but they are too much of a hustle to do on a regular basis (I did it on a baby blanket a few years ago and the rows on that one was so long I had enough of picot hems for a long time). For this project it was time to bring back the picot.

So what pattern could I combine with a picot hem? Something a little A-lined with a few buttons, since that’s simply adorable as well. And raglan sleeves obviously since set in sleeves is also too much trouble. (Yes, I see how it’s a bit contradictory that I want to make a picot hem, which takes some time, while I don’t want to be bothered making set in sleeves because they also take a lot of time but picots are pretty, set in sleeves doesn’t do that much for the overall look in my opinion.)

Then there was the question of yarn. I surfed some web pages just for fun and one day I just stumbled upon it. White merino with some deep pink spots, simply gorgeous. Just enough for an heirloom baby cardy, classic white but with a modern twist. I realized later that there were teal parts to the yarn as well. I think it was a mistake, maybe it got some spots in the making, but that’s just charming, I think.

Then obviously I needed a matching bonnet to complete the look. Another picot hem and a little bow to tie it up. All in all the entire set is adorable, just as I pictured it. It was a little big on Me Made when we left the hospital, we still used it though, after all it was the whole purpose to make it, but we picked it up again for midsummer and it fit perfectly.

Cardigan pattern: Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car. Bonnet pattern: Baby Butterfly Bonnet by Susie Sparkles. Yarn: Victory Sock from Knitted Wit, color Winterberry. Mods: I omitted the lace on both patterns and added a picot hem to the cardigan.