Progress update

But what has happened to the black cardigan? Thank you for asking! It’s moving forward, I’m more than halfway through the second front but I discovered that I forgot to cast off for under the arm so I had to rip out a few rows to fix it. Now I’m caught up again and I’m moving on slowly but steadily. I’m crocheting when I can’t knit but try to knit when I can. (But let’s face it, the crochet project is pink and green and the knitting is black, which is more fun?) Once the second front is done I only have the sleeves left and they are short so there’s not much left.

I’m not worried about the knitting, it will happen sooner or later, it’s still knitting after all despite it being black, but the finishing, the blocking, sewing and weaving in ends, that I’m not sure will happen. We’ll see.