“I’ve got the girls on my mind”

I’ve been talking a lot of colors lately, while knitting in black (as you can tell, this is quite traumatic for me and I need to process it), so I figure I should just embrace it by showing you this shawl that I made last year. I finished it in December so I haven’t had that much opportunity to wear it before now (it’s clearly a spring and summer shawl, not a Christmas one).

I got the yarn last summer and it immeadiately spoke to me through the web page. The names spoke to me and then it was just a matter of finding a pattern. I sometimes buy yarn based on the color names and this was one of those times. (I once got yarn because it was called Holly Golightly, I mean come on, who can resist yarn named after Audrey Hepburn?) I saw the name of the pink yarn, Party Fever, and I immeadiately started humming the song Party in My Pants by Beatrice Eli. I knew I needed it. The green yarn was called Admire Me and it seemed to go well both with the Party yarn and with Beatrice Eli herself so I got that too because obviously I needed a Beatrice Eli shawl.

It took me a while to find the perfect pattern but once I saw this one it was clear this was it. It’s called It’s Good to Be a Girl and that fit well with my Beatrice Eli inspired shawl. It really is good to be a girl. So we have Party Fever (or Party in My Pants as I keep calling it), Admire Me and It’s Good to Be a Girl, I’m sure you can see the theme here.

I knit the shawl, I tweaked it a bit so it would fit with two colors instead of just one, and I finished it and this spring I started wearing it. It’s so beautiful. The pink is a perfect pink (perfect pink is very important) and the size is fine. It’s a happy shawl and it’s colorful and works well with the summer season. And also, there is a good amount of the green left, which will probably come to good use now that I’m looking for another great colorful project.

Pattern: It’s Good to Be a Girl by Chrissy Prange. Yarn: Twisted Merino from Fru Valborg, colors Party Fever and Admire Me. Mods: I made it a two color shawl and tweaked it so that the color change happened on a right side. I also knit till I ran out of pink yarn.

The title is from the song Girls by Beatrice Eli.