I do finish things

I’ve spent another evening sewing buttons. A total of 27 buttons to be exact, on four different cardigans. That makes 68 buttons since New Year’s. That’s insane! And here I’ve been thinking I don’t have the energy for blocking or weaving in ends or sewing buttons and I’ve been thinking it’s okay, I should concentrate on the fun part, the knitting. But 68 buttons is no game, it means serious business. Obviously I do have the energy, I’m not just focused on the fun part. I finish things. I’ve finished 22 things in 2018. In comparison I finished 34 items in 2017, granted that was a very bad year for me. Normally I’m above 60-70, and sometimes even 80, but last year was exceptionally low due to a lot of reasons and I wasn’t sure this year would actually prove to be better, but it seems it might work out. That’s really good news, I missed myself last year, if that makes sense. I doubt I will make it to 60 this year but I hope I can manage more than last year. At least, that’s the goal.