A basic cuff

About ten years ago I made cuffs everywhere I went. There were cuffs wth beads and I invented my own patterns. All my friends got a pair and I even invented a bead pattern with the sky line from my town that were sold at the tourist office for a little while. I knitted cuffs everywhere, I even hid my knitting in my props during theatre performance so I could knit while waiting for my scenes behind the set pieces. I had cuffs for every outfit, in every color possible.

Then I moved on to other knittings and other type of cuffs and I sort of forgot to knit beaded cuffs. Now though I’m in need of cuffs. I haven’t made myself cuffs in ages and all my cuffs are worn out. I need new ones.¬† It also seems that I haven’t made cuffs in so long that I have forgotten how to do it! I know of course what yarn I used, and I found some easily enough in the stash. I also know what beads I used and I have plenty left in my boxes and drawers. But then I was stuck. What to make? And how to treat the beads? And I wasn’t in the mood for a huge experiment, I need my cuffs, quickly.

In the end there were no beads. I realized I need a pair of basic cuffs, quickly, and so I cast on a pair of grey cuffs, without beads, but at least with a little lace at the edge to keep the knitting interesting. I can continue with beads and more fancy cuffs later if I feel the need. Back when I was knitting cuffs with beads I barely knit anything else, now they are just a project among so many other projects. A basic cuff, not anything anyone will remember, but it will fill its purpose nevertheless.