Project planning

All of a sudden it happens. That moment when you start planning your next project, and the next one, and the next one. And you need to buy yarn, but what yarn, could this yarn go with that project? No, but perhaps with this project? But that was pretty as well, maybe I could do that one instead. But I can’t decide between these two colors, should I make two then? Or maybe something else entirely, something striped? Or cables? Or maybe lace? But then I need some other yarn. But they don’t have the perfect color in this yarn, where do I find yarn with the perfect color? This color is nice but the yarn doesn’t go with that pattern. Maybe another pattern? And this pattern was nice, I want one of these (I need one of these) but let’s not forget her birthday coming up. Speaking of birthdays, his birthday is just around the corner and she will have a baby soon and it was such a long time since she got something knitted and don’t I really need a new cardigan? But before I can make myself a cardigan I should really finish that shawl that I cast on before, but that doesn’t solve the problem with her birthday present, but maybe if I hurry with that project to free up those needles I can cast on that project soon. But what about yarn?

And then all of a sudden you sat down to look at a pattern for a hat but end up casting on a shawl and three pairs of wristwarmers instead. It’s just part of the process.