Stash Dash 2017 pt. 1

So, remember how I mentioned that I need to sort out my knitting a bit. Well, I thought today was the day to re-organizing the stash. I started to take out a couple of sections and at first I just thought I would dust it a bit and put it back but then I thought, why not make something bigger to help me find what I’m looking for. I discussed it with Julle, my yarn supporting partner, and he asked me what was the most important thing when I look for yarn for a project. Well, that’s weight and color but usually weight is less easy to compromise with. Therefore, the stash will now be properly sorter by weight. It was before as well, all skeins were divided into color and weight, but this time it will be a proper weight based organization. I think it will really help me find what I’m looking for. My only concern is that this will be less aesthetic appealing than sorting by color but it’ll have to be for now. Practicality first, then aesthetic concerns (I know, it’s weird saying this considering that knitting is art but even a painter needs to find his paint in order to be able to actually paint).

First I took out the red and orange sections. They filled the entire table (I have a nagging feeling that the moral of this stash dash is that I need to loose a few pounds of yarn but I don’t want to think about that yet). I have a lot of delicious red yarn…

Then I gradually filled the table with more yarn (pink), then the coffee table (yellow) and evetually I had to move down to the floor (pink, purple, blue, green, and white).

All yarn was properly sorted and the shelf cleaned out. Half the pink section could fit on the table but the rest had to go on the floor and so did the purple shortly after.

As did blue, green and white. I also managed to find a project bag that I had completely forgotten that I owned, and, more surprisingly, a retroreflector hidden in the stash.

I’ve made little place holders to put on the shelves and now the only question is to put everything back in its new place. Since this is a big job I’ll have to save it for another day though.

Meanwhile the entire livingroom is filled with yarn. It was before as well, but now the yarn is on the floor and the tables. The leftovers are still on the shelves in the stash and I’m sure there is a brown section somewhere. There are also two shelves in the freezer with more yarn. It’s quite delicious to look at it all. I’m going to count the skeins as I put them back in the stash later as well. The only remaining question is, have I reached the point of SABLE* yet?


*SABLE – Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy