“I love it. It’s my thing. Let it go.”

The past years I’ve been intrigued by the yarn calendars. It’s what it sounds like, an advent calendar with yarn. Last year I was a sad new mum who thought I would never again have the time for knitting, let alone a yarn calendar. This year I know better. I know that I have indeed time for knitting and to celebrate that I have treated my self to not one, not two but three yarn calendars.

All of them are from, for me, newly discovered yarn companies and it’s quite intriguing. One calendar has a little parcel with a mini skein for each day from today till Christmas Eve (and two skeins for a mystery knit-along), one has a parcel with a 50 g skein for each Sunday in Advent and one has one parcel with a 50 g skein for every Sunday in Advent and a bigger parcel for Christmas Eve.

If this is the only way I celebrate Advent this year it will be fine as I’m super happy with my calendars.

Happy Advent and happy knitting!