I’m not an outdoorsy sort of person. I mean, I enjoy being outdoors no matter the season and I walk or bike wherever I need to go but I’m not the one who will actively seek a day outdoors. I don’t ski, except occasionally, and I don’t like to walk in the woods. I don’t need to be surrounded by water and I don’t hike. This means that I have somewhat fancy winter clothes: a long coat that flares and winter boots with heels, and this together with a scarf, a hat and gloves are usually enough for my needs.


Now though, things have changed. I have a child and that child wants to, and should, be outdoors. Yesterday we had the first snow of the season and today was the time to make the premier tour on the little sledge. Now, I might not dress as if I know anything about winter but I do, I really do. I’ve grown up with snow, I know about snow. I know that there is no way you can pull a sledge up and down a hill in high-heeled boots and a flailing coat. I though about it for a little while, what to wear, and then the answer was the simplest thing. I’m a knitter after all.

Earlier this fall I bought a pair of boots, the kind thatwill be of use for 15 years and that will never ever break as long as I take care of them. They are thick and they are sturdy and they have absolutely no lining fabric at all. They are perfect for the sledge hill since my feet will never get wet but they also need me to use my hand knit socks. Well, don’t mind if I do. I put the Christmas socks from two years ago to use and together with other hand knits, including a warm and heavy sweater, I was completely warm and cozy. This new life will mean spending more time outdoors and that means I get more opportunities to wear my hand knits. I’m quite excited about it.