No dazzle

I have put myself into the biggest tangle ever when it comes to knitting, and more, I didn’t out of my own free will. How did this happen?

It started with me planing to knit a baby cardigan. I was in a hurry to cast on and decided to use some left overs from wrist warmers I’ve made in the past. All in all I had three balls of leftovers and figured it would be enough. I decided on stripes: 4 rows in blue, 2 rows in red, since I had more blue yarn than red yarn left.

As it most often happens with a leftover project, I had to buy more yarn. I bought another ball of blue yarn (and I was super good and only bought the one ball I needed although so much else was calling my attention at the LYS) and decided that the sleeves had to manage even without red. The thing is that I still have some red left but I’m not sure for how much it will suffice. In order to actually finish the red yarn and not leave more leftovers than necessary, I decided to knit both sleeves at the same time.

The words “knit both at the same time” seem almost magical to knitters and I’ve often met knitters who talk about it as the eighth wonder of the world although they’ve never really tried it. What these knitters fail to understand is that when you knit two at the same time you still need to have two working ends of yarn and when they realize this the phenomenon is not as dazzling anymore.

No, it’s nothing dazzling, it’s just the biggest tangle ever with a total of four active yarn ends in order to see for how long I can continue with the red stripes. It’s a tangle but I’m sure I will like the end result and that makes it worth it.