With fall comes projects

I’ve been elusive for an entire month. But the technique stuff has been funky and life moved into a new routine when work began after the summer holidays and the baby started preschool. I think we have adjusted very well but the blog took the hit.

Anyway, it’s fall, the days are getting shorter and cooler. Yesterday it was below 10 degrees Celsius in the morning and I realized with horror how unprepared I am. There are so many things I need to and want to knit. I need things, baby need things. So I’m putting the crochet blanket and my new lace shawl aside to concentrate on more pressing things.

In the near future there should be quite a few things going on here:

  • a pair of wrist warmers for me.
  • a neck warmer for baby.
  • socks for baby.
  • sweaters for baby.

Baby needs to be warm and I’m a lousy knitter if I can’t keep him that. He is fairly warm as a person already, and doesn’t like to get too hot so I think it will work out despite the unfortunate downside of time consumption that knitting requires.

I’m fine with store bought hats and mittens for baby though as mittens will probably get lost and I’m a huge fan of beaver nylon in any type of winter wear.

And then there is the Christmas knitting to…