12 to go?

I keep working on my little squares. They are quite addictive. So far I have 30 squares and I need 42 for a blanket size 100×70 cm. I still think that’s a tad small but it’s a start. he squares are perfect, quick enough to finish in a an evening but complicated enough to still feel like an accomplishment for someone with a limited amount of time. Also, the yarn helps keeping it interesting, some squares are yellow, some are pink and quite a lot of themĀ are apricot. Very lovely indeed and I have high hopes for the end result.

There are a lot of ends to weave in – I haven’t started on that even though I should have. I assume there will be even more ends to weave in once I start crocheting the squares together. Let’s worry about that later though.

Right, time to start square no. 31

We share an interest

I seem to have some technical difficulties with uploading pictures right now. I’ll try to sort it out but in the meantime there might be some posts without pictures.

This post has a picture though, a picture of four delicious skeins of green yarn. I think they are one of a kind because I got them through instagram from Emelilyknits. She has something called “Friday yarn” where she shows a picture of yarn that is not part of her usual stock and the first one who calls “Buy” gets it. I’ve never used Emelilyknit’s yarn before but when I saw this yarn last Friday I just had to have it. They green color is simply delicious with little spots of blue and red. I was the first one to show interest and I’m very pleased with my luck. Now I need to find a worthy pattern but there is no rush. There is quite a lot of it, 800 meters, so it could be a very big shawl. Or a shawl with matching wrist warmers. It will feel like a walk in the woods or blueberry picking.


I cheated! My plan was to finish my socks and then start on one of the crochet blankets. That gave me a week to finish the sock since the blanket yarn was supposed to be in the freezer till today. I finished the sock a little earlier than expected, on Wednesday, after re-knitting the toe on the first sock. On Thursday, yesterday, is when it happened. I was supposed to weave in ends on my socks but instead I decided to take out a ball of yarn one day early and start crocheting a square. There’s no harm in that, I thought. I’ll do the ends later. (Yeah, right.)

I did make a square and I liked it but it wasn’t big enough so I took a bigger hook and made another square. It did indeed turn out bigger (would have been weird if it didn’t). The left square isn’t even 8 cm but the right ones are 9 cm which is the gauge requirement. The pattern calls for 42 squares (only 40 to go!) but I want to make the blanket a bit bigger so I have a whole lot of squares to make.

Now, about those ends…