Too hot to darn

It’s been so hot today and we’ve spent the day at the playground at various times. The sandbox is a hit even though the mother is less than fond of sand. I guess sand is a phase that mot people has to go through at one point in life. So far Einar is happy with just trying to dig in the sand, without the help of anyone, although most of the sand ends up on himself. I don’t do sand but I can do swings so we swing a lot too.

It’s way too hot to knit and I really hope it will cool down soon so I can finish my stealth project before the deadline.

Trust me on this one

I’ve gotten a rather tricky knitting assignment. It’s complex, it’s a deadline and it’s stealth. It’s ordered by a non-knitter and has quite some contradictive terms. It took me a while to figure out but I think I know what to do. The end result will be a bit unusual, although perfectly normal for a Knitter, and I’m not really looking forward to all the million questions I will receive. All those inevitable questions that will come up when someone has a clear image of how something should be done and then that thing isn’t done that way and they don’t trust me when I try to explain. Like when I was knitting socks in the lunch room at work and someone asked me for whom they were and I answered that they were for me. The person started questioning this, she thought the socks were for a child since they “looked so small” and I had to defend my poor socks and my knitting skills and assure her that I knew what I was doing. Those questions, I’m not looking forward to those. I will try to dodge the questions and blame it all on the person ordering the project. The project will be good and fill it’s purpose but perhaps not crafted in the most conventional way (people really should stop being so conservative), and that’s all that matters. We’ll see how it goes.

Chopping chips

After a break that stretched over a few weeks, I have finally baked again, despite it not being Friday. It was about 28 degrees Celsius but I still baked.

I also realized I really should use the huge knife when chopping chocolate chips, and not pre-break the bar while it’s still in the wrapping. I usually break the bar into smaller pieces before opening the wrapping and then go about it a bit haphazardly with a small knife. That works but it’s messy and I get chocolate that melts on my hands and I’m not a fan.

Instead I used the biggest knife today and went about it methodically – once diagonally one way and then the other way. It was quick and clean and it looks just like a piece of art with all those neatly lying chocolate chips. I could even see it transfer into a knitting pattern, color work on a yoke or something similar.

Straight from the cottage – May

May came with this little kit for the yarn club. At first I thought this yarn was only white, perhaps with a hint of grey, and I got a bit disappointed since it’s the third yarn in eight months that is white. But then I held it up to the light and saw that it’s also with a hint of green and all of a sudden it became much prettier and much more fun. White with grey wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I thought of the month of May but white with green is something else. The picture and letter explained the thought behind yarn and and it just became much prettier.

This package came with a tea bag and some lip balm. The lip balm smells of apples which is a truly delicious smell. I’m getting quite a stash now of these skin care products. It’s nice.

Inspired by a duck

There is a duck in the river. It was moving fast and elegant forward and I’d like to think that’s what I’m doing with the baby sweater. Stripes are good for progress and I want to make good progress. Einar needs a summer cardigan and I have some other things in pipeline, things with a deadline, when Einar’s cardy is finished. So I’ll do as the duck, swim fast but elegant and hopefully everything will work out.

Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan

Since I’ve stated that it’s summer (it really is), it’s time to make the family ready for it. Grown-ups can fend for themselves but wee ones do need som assistance. Therefore I’m making Einar a light cotton sweater. I got some cotton yarn a while ago (December 2017) and I figure it’s time to put it to use. Since stripes are very lovely, I’m doing stripes. Also, I don’t have enough yarn to make something in one single color. So, stripes it is. I actually quite like the way it’s turning out too. But then again, stripes are rarely wrong.

It’s summer

I’m starting to think it’s summer. Normally I wouldn’t call it summer until school is out but that happens on Wednesday and the signs are all here, it’s summer. The rape is blooming, I had ice-cream today and strawberries, the rhubarb is high and the lawn needs mowing. It’s summer. Midsummer is in three weeks, school is out in three days and I just don’t think it’s necessary to wait any longer, it’s summer.

The peonies are budding, the nights are light, the garden furniture is out and I think it’s safe to say – it’s summer.

Tea cleaning

Today I organized my tea shelf. As I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds of yarn in the stash I’ve also tried to get the upper hand of my tea shelf. It’s been a bit out of control lately and I’ve tried to contain it, one tea cup at a time.

I can be a bit sentimental but today I showed no mercy. I opened beautifully wrapped Japanese green tea (which I probably never will drink, I really don’t like green tea but I couldn’t throw it out either, I wasn’t that merciless).

I found weird herbal tea with the cutest little sugar sticks (again, too bad I don’t take sugar in my tea).

I realized I have plenty of my favorite herbal tea (I’m not really super fond of herbal tea but this one is top notch), a tea with mint and apple. It tastes well and smells fantastic.

I have so many tea caddies but this one is probably the most exceptional. It’s a book. It opens as a book and in there is the tea.

The end result looks great and I could fit all my tea in there. I’ve divided the shelf into black tea, herbal, red, and green tea and then empty tea caddies plus tea pots.

Now I can continue to finish it up, one tea cup at a time.