A new favorite

I still haven’t decided on MeMadeMay2019 yet but if I do, I’m on track. Me Made has worn the bonnet and I have worn a skirt my mother has made for me, one that I wear quite often, and a pair of socks¬†when I was cold the other evening.

Today I wore a shawl that I made last year, one of the MKAL’s. I’ve gotten surprisingly much use of it over the year and that makes me so happy because I was really careful when I picked out the colors and it worked out very well.

Not to mention I managed to make it with Me Made next to me. (After this there was a little break in the knitting time but I gained it back eventually.) The shawl matches my spring coat and I think I’ve worn it so much it could really benefit from a reblock.

So far it’s been fairly easy to wear something different every day but further down the road it will be trickier. The idea to botanize a bit in my shawl drawer is quite appealing though.

Pattern: Life in the Country by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Tranquil from Stunning String Studio, colors Freesia and Moroccan Blue. No mods.