Straight from the cottage – April

April’s yarn is inspired by the Russian snowdrop. It’s white with a hint of blue and very pretty. I love getting these little packages every month. The color is always beautiful and it’s such a neat little surprise, the tea bag, the picture, the letter and the lotion or soap. And of course the yarn. I’m thinking of projects to make with these yarns but so far I don’t know. I have pink, yellow, green, and bluish purple so far. The latter was March, I think. In February I got something brownish, I think, and I can’t remember January at all right now. It might have been withe actually, but I’m not sure. Anyway, it would be nice to actually make something from this yarn but it will have to wait till June, I think. That should give me plenty of time to think it over and really come up with a good idea.

A pair of white socks might be cute… (for a while).