The winner takes it all

I won! I actually won at yarn chicken. For some reason this cardigan didn’t need as much yarn as the last one. 288 meters instead of 369. I wonder why but I’m too happy it worked out to think about it too much. Now all need to do is weave in all those ends, block it and add buttons. And deliver it to the wee little one who’s going to wear it of course.

And yet another game of yarn chicken

This mess, with forty eleven loose ends, is a raglan cardigan just after I’ve attached the sleeves. Now, I worry that I won’t have enough yarn and I’m not sure what to do. I doubt this pattern will look good with a yoke in a contrasting color… Not like this one, when a contrasting color turned out to be a hit. We’ll see what I’ll do.

The last cupcake

I’ve been working so much lately I haven’t had a chance to bake since Einar’s birthday. All my cookie jars are empty and it’s time to fill them again. Next weekend I have a few more days off and me and Einar will do some baking. Chocolate chip cookies and maybe something else. Perhaps something I haven’t tried before in my newfound baking frenzy. I like this new me, or, old me coming back. I like to be the kind of parent that knits clothes for my baby and bakes, even though Einar is still to young to eat sweets. I won’t be the parent that cooks amazing meals or keeps the cleanest house or take my kid on long trips. But I can knit for him and bake with him and help him with his homework and read to him. Those are my strengths and I like that I can combine them, my strengths, me, with me as a parent.

Yeah, I know, it’s all really just an excuse for me to make more chocolate chip cookies.

Things that keep me sane

I went to work out today for the first time in forever and it was amazing. It’s important to remember to do things that gives you energy when life in general is tough. Work out gives me energy. Knitting gives me energy. Seeing loved ones gives me energy. Smelling the lilacs and watching the trees bloom give me energy. Watching Einar eating strawberries gives me energy. I need to prioritize those things so I don’t lose myself in my work, which is easy this time of the year. Tonight I went to work out. Tomorrow I will knit.

Time for more color love

We’ve had a some really nice days with beautiful weather lately. I haven’t had to wear a jacket in the mornings when I go to work but a tiny chill in the air in the morning still made me want to keep my hand knits close to me. I’ve worn my Baker street shawl, very nice and cozy, and my Antarktis and I’ve also gotten some mileage out my Qwist mitts. The latter got me thinking of the yarn I used to make them and that I should really try to knit more from that yarn. It’s made of KOLORlove from Magic loop and there are more of that in my stash. Somewhere…

I have a project bag too

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then you should always be a unicorn.”
Elle Lothlorien

Not to brag, but I have unicorn stitch markers now. I’m very pleased.

Oven notes 2

Last week was the last meeting with my evening class and we had decided on a potluck. I made a kladdkaka and I think it was much appreciated. Look at that table, we had an amazing last meeting. So good!

But, back to the kladdkaka. Since my oven can be a bit erratic I was a little nervous about the cake. Normally it should sit in the oven for 20-35 minutes but when half an hour had passed it wasn’t even near done. So I waited another 15 minutes and it still wasn’t done. I waited again and no, not done. Waited and not done. This went on and on and on. When the cake had been in the oven for an insane one hour and 45 minutes I finally took it out. It was done although it could have benefited from perhaps another 15 minutes in the oven.

It was good and that’s all that matters though.


The light this evening was magical. A soft May rain, a rainbow and a lovely sunset. This time of the year is truly amazing and reminds me that I can never move away from here.

Not only was the light magical, the evening itself was great. We had dinner with friends, the kids “played” and grown-ups talked and smelled the lilacs and it was the perfect and great end to a pretty bad week. Between us we’ve had fever and snot and teething, bruises and wounds and colds and bad sleep and there has been no end to the madness. We all needed something else and dinner was perfect. Einar got to “play” with this friend and his parents got to talk with theirs’, all the while eating great food.

If that wasn’t enough, Einar slept for two hours today and I managed to finish the body of a baby cardigan. That was much needed knitting time. I really must make sure I get that regularly, otherwise I go under. I’ve cast on a sleeve now. It’ll be fine.

Between coughs and handkerchieves

So, we had a lovely birthday party last weekend and then everyone got sick and we lost a week. We’re still not fully back to normal. This means the week as been extra busy and everything has taken twice as long. It’s May so there is too much going on and it really isn’t the time to get sick. But alas, that’s what happened. I have knit about four rows in total this past week.

But, the lilacs are in bloom and they smell amazing. This week will also pass and hopefully next week will be better.

Baby cake

Yesterday Me Made turned one and we had a small party for him. I made a cake out of banana waffles with mashed mango and banana purée in between and strawberries and raspberries on top. It was a good baby cake but perhaps not for grown-ups.

Luckily the grown-ups could eat cupcakes instead. I had so much fun decorating them, matching the sprinkles with the moulds. Chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting, it was very good. And I especially love my cupcake tin, it makes things so much easier and I don’t have to worry about the moulds collapsing.

Together with ballons, friends and family and goodies my baby had a very good birthday, and so did we.