Meet my new alter ego

Last Friday she entered, my stereotypical knit lady: Stick-Stina. She was wearing knitwear from head to toe (except I wore a home sewn skirt instead of a knit one): linen sweater, cowl, 2 different shawls, wristwarmers and socks. And a head wrap. The hair was colored red for the evening (it felt a bit like cotton candy by the end of the evening and a shower was much appreciated) and she had knitting related earrings. She was handing out flyers for a knitting retreat later this spring.

I intended to use all the stereotypes of a knitter I could think of and I did. The fun thing happened when I went through my shawl drawer to pick out my costume. I chose three shawls and I was happy with them. Then I decided to tidy up a bit and found more shawls. Better shawls and I decided to switch. Then I figured a fourth shawl wouldn’t be bad and perhaps a fifth one if someone else felt chilly. The sixth shawl went very well with the outfit and how could I forget the seventh? That’s when it hit me – I had become the crazy knit lady myself! She is apparently not far away. I stopped myself and went with the amount I had decided on from the beginning – three. It was a close one but I avoided it – for now.

In the end people got that it was a costume but a lot of them had hoped the knitting retreat was for real. So did I.


It feels like it’s downhill to summer now. Only a few weeks left and then summer vacation is here. It will be a few busy weeks, work and work and some more work and of course having out and have fun with Me Made and then, before I know it, it will be summer. That’s what May is usually about and that’s why it’s important to stop ever once in a while and enjoy. Enjoy the flowers, the smells, the birds singing and Me Made moving and speaking. I have a rule to stop and smell every lilac and I think that’s more important than ever these days. It will be busy but also fun and I’m so much looking forward to it all.

My little Easter egg

The weather has been lovely this weekend and we have put the winter clothes into (a figurative) storage and started using a new little sweater instead. Well, “new,” it was knit over a year ago but we haven’t used it until now. It’s a sweater that is quite wide and very, very colorful.

Me Made seems to like it, at least as long as it’s not too warm.

I saw the yarn at my LYS and realized it would be lovely for a baby sweater so I cast on. I was right, the result is amazing and so fitting for the season. It looks even better on the baby and I believe babies likes colorful clothing very much. At least mine does.

A sweater like this is not something I would knit for anyone though. It used up two yarn balls and I had to twerk it a bit to make that happen, otherwise I would have had to buy a third ball and that just felt ridiculously expensive for a baby sweater. Not just expensive but simply too much yardage. Also, it seems to work fine even without those extra rows.

Me Made looked like a cute little Easter egg in the cardigan. The sleeves are a bit too short  but that’s okay. Now I just hope the weather will be good enough so that Me Made can wear this for a while before it eventually becomes too small.

Pattern: Sticka till baby: kofta by Camilla Skurup. Yarn: Edition 3 from Schoppel-Wolle, color: 2296 English Garden. Mods: I made fewer rows in the back and also stockinette stitch instead of garter stitch.

Easter knitting

This year’s Easter cake. A lovely chocolate cake. It’s been very warm today and we took Me Made on a bike ride which was very appreciated. Easter is always a time for knitting if you ask me. It’s a long weekend and at a time when you often have quite some time to knit. Christmas is far away and it’s most often still cold enough to want to knit and the break is not long enough that you have to feel bad if you spend the entire weekend indoors knitting. This Easter hasn’t brought as much knitting as earlier years but still a little more than usual these days. I’m training Me Made to feel a bit sated about knitting, to make it less interesting, in the hopes of having yarn balls still intact and needles still stuck to their designated project in the future. So far we’re doing well although the occasional thread has caught Me Made’s eye. Very much like a cat in that way, Me Made is.

The head wrap, you say?

My head wrap is making fast progress. It’s a quick knit, only 19 stitches per row, and each pattern repeat is 10 rows so as long as I don’t lose focus I should have my little head wrap  finished by next Friday. I’ll knit till I run out of yarn, it doesn’t seem worth it to use up more than one yarn ball for this project since it’s mainly for fun. I’ve never felt like I need a hand knit head wrap before so I’m not sure how much I will use it beside this costume party. If I get it finished before said party, that is. Lost of focus and blocking are the two things that might ruin it for me – focus because other knittings are quite tempting right now, and blocking because it’s a little hard to find the opportunity to block something since Me Made likes to examine things. I’ll worry about blocking later though, first things first and finish the knitting definitely takes priority.

The coltsfoot principle

If there is one thing that is a sure sign of spring for me, it’s this little flower. When I was a kid I was told that this is the first flower to bloom in the spring and although I’m not sure that’s correct (the croci in the flower beds has already withered for example) but I still find the coltsfoot to be the first sign of spring. Today I saw it, it’s spring for sure.

The ketchup effect

This famous little lilac is doing it again. Last year (May 8) and three years ago (April 23 although not technically a flower) and also four years ago (also May 8) I’ve noted when the first little flower has started to show itself. There are so far no flowers here but there are promises of flowers to come. Spring is always so sneaky, first nothing happens and then everything happens in no time. I bet there will be a little flower by May 8 this year too.

Costume party!

I’ve been invited to a costume party. I’m going to dress up as a knitter, an exaggerated image of a knitter. Every stereotypic idea about a knitter, that’s what I’m going to pick. I’m going to dress up in knitwear from top to bottom, layer with multiple shawls, spray my hair with red hair paint, put it up in a bun and stick a knitting needle through it, hand out flyers for the next knitting retreat, and carry around a basket with yarn, projects and office supplies. The advantage of this is that it won’t be weird at all for me to pick up a knitting during the party, it’s totally in character. I’ll even say it’s something for my grandchildren.

Now, obviously, I already have everything I need to create this look. I’ll wear my linen sweater, accessorize with a few slightly mismatched shawls, pick some yarn from the stash to put in my basket, wear knitting inspired earrings and talk at length about yarn weight and the advantages of circular needles over dpn’s (or the opposite). The only thing I don’t have is a head wrap. I have a lot of hair, this knitter is obviously accessorizing with a matching (or not) head wrap. Time for a stash dash, I thought, and came out with this bamboo yarn that will make a lovely head wrap that hopefully goes well together with my hair color for the evening. It will be perfect!

I hope people will understand that it’s only a costume…

Too long but not too bad

While waiting for the other bonnet to block I cast on a new. I cast on while on a train ride and I had no measuring tape with me so I had to wing it. Was going for 9 inches and ended up with 11 1/2 so I was a bit off, which I also realized while knitting it. I figure I don’t have to worry about frogging 2 inches though since it’s i-cord for the bow.

The construction of this bonnet is intriguing and I’m very much looking forward to see where it takes me. I’ve again used stash yarn and although I’ve used yarn that aren’t the best or the nicest to knit I consider this more of a toile and if it turns out nice I’ll make another one in different yarn.

Too big turned out too small

So the hat is finished. It just needs an i-cord and then its done. It’s pretty and purple. There is only one problem. It’s too small. It ends just across Me Made’s ears and that’s not  really suitable for a baby hat. I even picked the biggest size, 2-4 yrs, and it’s still too small. I should have swatched. One should always swatch but I would never have thought something this much bigger (1-3 yrs) would be too small. I will see if I can block it out (yeah right), otherwise I will have to add a brim at the bottom. I’ll sit calmly in the boat till I’ve blocked it at least.

I really hope a block will fix it.