More decisions all the time

I’m almost halfway through my shawl and I’ve picked the order of the colors. The problem is I don’t have enough of the charcoal to make another triangle like that. I will have to change the order of the colors for the second part but I’m not sure how. Either I make it white or I pick up a new yarn entirely or light grey or something else. I don’t knot if the green will be enough either so the second half of this shawl is so far very mysterious and I doubt we will no the ending until I actually cast off.

Now I’m just scared to make the wrong decision. I thought I had made my decision when I finally decided the first order of the colors and even wrote it down on Ravelry, but no. There are more decisions to come and what if the shawl ends up looking bad? Scary, scary thought since I like it so much. I will remember though that even if it looks bad in the end I still had fun knitting it and got to use up some stash yarn while I was at it. And that is actually good enough.

Time for a change?

I’m sure everyone is tired of looking at me baking the same thing week after week but here it is again. I should step it up a bit, try something different, but chocolate chip cookies are my favorite so I’m sticking to them. I’ve been thinking about cup cakes but I don’t dare to, not yet. And not with a tired Me Made close by. Also, cup cakes sort of requires a reason, you don’t just bake them to keep them in a tin for whenever you feel a bit peckish. No, cup cakes needs an occasion and right now I don’t have one. As soon as I do, I will consider cup cakes though.

A robot for the boring tasks?

This is my favorite knitting in quite some time. Look at it. It’s delicious. I love getting to use all that nice yarn while also getting the satisfaction of knowing that I’m using leftovers. It’s interesting but doesn’t require too much thought. It’s steadily growing and other projects might have gotten a little left out in the past few days. There will be many ends to weave in though. I’m not particularly looking forward to that. If I ever become rich I will invent a machine that weaves in the ends for me and perhaps all the finishing, the blocking, the sewing, all the boring things. I would like it to make swatches too but it sort of loses the point of swatching if you’re not doing it yourself (despite what you try to convince yourself).

Anyway, the knitting is lovely and it’s still a long way to go before the finishing.

How many minutes are optimal?

We didn’t bake anything yesterday, me and Me Made. We had other engagements and didn’t have the time. I think we both suffered from the lack of our new routine. Instead we made chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday and they were perhaps a tad soft. They break easily and I think it’s because I forgot how long they need to be in the oven. I tried both 4 minutes and 3:30 and perhaps somewhere in between is the best. Nevertheless they are still really good and the tradition can go on.

It can take it

I’m really happy about my new knitting, the leftover one. It’s growing and it’s interesting to knit all the time but doesn’t require too much concentration. I love the green yarn, it’s very pretty. It’s built in triangles, one triangle on top of the other and eventually in different colors. The hopes continue to be high for this project and so far it has delivered.

Way too much yarn

Today I got mail. One of those squatty little lovely packages that can only mean one thing. Yarn. This particular package was pink and gold and what could possibly ever go wrong with that? Nothing, I’d say.

The inside was a little unusual to be – beige lace weight – but I just couldn’t resist it when I saw the kit on the web page. They described it as royal and elegant and they had me at once. If I ever get the time to knit this shawl I think I will like it very much. I’m a little worried by the yarn though, 2 538 meters of lace weight. I’m not sure I dare cast on a project that require that much yarn. (For reference, the Princess shawl contained about 6 000 meters.) We’ll see…

Spring shawl choices

I really should weave in ends on my socks but starting a new project is so much more fun. I have picked out the yarn I want for my new leftover shawl. I picked green as main color, leftover from the It’s Good to Be a Girl shawl, and leftovers from Springtime in Paris, Vacillate and June Afternoon as contrasting colors. I’m a little surprised of my choice but  think it will turn out very nicely. And with all this delicious yarn it will be such a great knit. The hopes are high!

It’s okay to manipulate a little

I finished my socks a dew days ago. I would have finished earlier but I realized the last few stripes before the toe would be very, well, brown. Brown and brown and not so stripey at all. I know I said brown and light blue was the color combination of the year but this was a bit too much. So, what to do?

I cheated! I ripped out a few stripes and cut the yarn, pulled out a foot or two and started knitting again. The result is clearer stripes and also stripes that pick up the light blue a little more. I was worried it would look too constructed but I think it works. It’s not a super smooth bridge colorwise but I’m fine with that.

These socks are knit alternating both ends of one yarn ball and I’m surprised how often the colors follow each other. When one end transfer towards one color, so does the other end. I’ve made five pairs of these socks and this has happened to all of them. I suppose it is because the yarn has one main color (brown in this case), and that’s been the case with all the other ones as well: purple, brown and wine red. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but a little bit of manipulation now and then might be in order, although there is something in me telling me it’s wrong. I feel very mischievous!

So much orange

I did it! I went into the stash, or rather, I dove into the stash. I picked up all the light fingering yarn from my favorite brands and I came out with two project bags full of leftovers. Not surprisingly I have a lot of pink but also quite some blue and green and red. White is apparently something I use a lot too but there is barely any black. What is most surprising though is the amount of orange. I can’t understand when I’ve used that much orange. There is the orange contrast on my Suki, I guess. That must have generated one of the leftover balls. I could imagine Hanna’s shawl also giving me some leftovers. And when I thought orange and green were the colors of the year. When I think about it, it’s no wonder I have so much orange among my leftovers. Since me and orange have a complicated relationship I’ve never used the leftovers and it would seem I haven’t knit in orange, or at least this orange, since 2014. I must say it was fun to reminisce old projects.

Now I only need to decide what yarn to use for my leftover project. It won’t be orange though.

Not like riding a bike

My Friday tradition is becomes more and more of a, well, tradition. After breakfast, me and Me Made prepare the kitchen and start stirring ingredients. Then, when we’re finished, or while the cake is in the oven, Me Made takes a nap and after that we’re ready for lunch and a taste of the cake. It’s a pretty good tradition, I think.

Today I used a smaller cake tin and left the cake in the oven for a little longer. The result is a better one that before. I’m making improvements, that’s good. It takes a few tries to get back in the saddle, so to speak, after all, it’s been a few years since I last baked. But I’m getting better and better!