Mamma’s meringues

We’re still thinking about baking over here. Today my mum made meringues with chocolate chips. So good. And I’m planning another round of cookies, perhaps tomorrow. It seems baking is something that can be done while hanging out with Me Made and that’s great. I’ve missed baking. I’ve always loved trying new and complicated recipes and made them over and over till I succeeded. It will still be some time before I will try something complicated, for now I’m just content with the simplest recipes.

Bake, bake, bake. Bake on!

Cake dreams

Ever since my successful baking Tuesday I’ve started to think about all the baking I’m going to do, and especially since I got so much praise for them the other day. Me Made will turn 1 eventually, an occasion that needs a cake obviously (for the grown ups present, that is), and there are cookies and cakes I used to make that I’ve been missing. Cakes as the ones in the picture will not happen though, too advanced in this stage (and kitchen) of life. But who knows, one day perhaps. For now I’m happy just knowing that I made cookies. In my oven. While watching Me Made. It has happened and even if it never happens again it did happen once and that’s pretty darn good.

I haven’t shown them the freezer though

Today a new friend looked at my stash. I must say that when most people see it, they admire it. They say it looks yummy and lovely and pretty. No one has told me, yet, that I might need to get a grip. That might indicate that I haven’t reached SABLE (stash accumulated beyond life expectancy) yet. Or that I only have very nice and polite friends. (Both is also a possibility.) Julle likes the stash and so far Me Made mostly leaves it alone, although he did show some particular interest in som bright yellow sock yarn the other day and some of the sock kits are very touchable but I think that’s mostly because they are in plastic bags that rustles.

My friend admired the stash. She brought a little Me Made of her own, someone She Made and he was just as uninterested as Me Made in the stash. My friend asked about yarn weight and I explained that it’s about meters per 100 grams and she asked if it was complicated. First I thought that no, not at all, but then I thought some more and realized that it is a bit complicated. Now, why is that? Well, because it’s not international standard in that meaning that all patterns all over the world uses it. There are plenty of patterns out there that advice you to use This Super Specific Yarn That Is Long Gone And Discontinued  without specifying how many meters per 100 grams. You can (and should) obviously check for gauge but when buying yarn and sorting yarn, meters per 100 grams is quicker. There are other advantages too but that’s the main one, I think. It’s easier to substitute yarn if you know that you should be looking at fingering weight section.

I would never have learned about the system without Ravelry and it makes it so much easier when you are knitting a pattern that is written by a designer from another country. I might not have access to a specific yarn but that doesn’t mattern, instead I know which weight and off into the stash I go. Also, this system is unlikely to change. When I talked about plied yarn before I mentioned that there is no way to tell what weigh a yarn has only from the number of plies. With the weight system that won’t be a problem. I doubt that there will be a way to make bulky yarn so light that you can squeeze in 400 meters to 100 grams. The weight system is comfort and support and to be honest, once you think about it, not tricky at all.

Midsummer mittens, anyone?

This is a crappy picture in crappy light but at least it shows that I’m making at least some kind of progress on the mittens. I’m past the thumb gusset and only have a few rows left before I can start the decreases. But it’s slow work, oh, so slow. I can only make about five rows a day, maximum. It will be a great day, and probably warm enough that you don’t need mittens anymore, when this project is done. It’s taken me about three weeks to accomplish this so if they are done by Easter I will be very happy.

Tonight we are victorious

I don’t know when I last baked in my kitchen. It’s been many years, I know I used it in 2015 but after that I might have stopped because I know that in 2016 I didn’t anymore. There was some problem with the oven and I lost my mojo. I tried the oven out this summer but I didn’t bake something from scratch so that doesn’t count. But today it happened. It finally happened! I made cookies: I planned ahead, I bought the ingredients, I whipped up the dough and I baked the cookies. Me Made was with me the entire time, sleeping while I planned, patiently waiting in the stroller while I got the ingredients and sitting in a chair in the kitchen playing with various kitchen utensils and eating crackers while I made the dough and baked it. I burned the first sheet but the second and third worked out well.

I also got to finally use one of my lovely cookie jars, this one is really beautiful. I got it from my mother-in-law for Christmas a few years back and now I finally have some cookies to put in it. Yay, cookies!

But I’ve always enjoyed my freedom…

I’ve never been a monogamous knitter, I’ve always had multiple projects in progress at the same time. But with limited knitting time multiple projects take forever to finish. Today I turned the heel on the first sock and I still have about 30 rows left on the first mitten. I think that from now on I’m going to be a bit more monogamous if I’m ever going to be able finish anything. I’ll stick to one project and knit that till it’s finished.

…but also have a vanilla sock ready for when I might need it.

I must admit I’m a bit surprised

It looks like I have a new preference. This is the shawl I knit over Christmas and a new yarn that I’ve decided on. They are quite similar although the top one is a bit greener. We’ll see what I make from this. And, we’ll also see if this is just the beginning or if this is it.

With a spring in my step

I’ve knot gone completely nuts, I have started a sock in something other than petrol and black too. This is the zebra sock in the correct color combination and I like it a lot. The colors are, as I had hoped, very soothing together. Mild. Not surprisingly, I prefer this to the earlier one. They feel very much like early spring with all that light blue, green and brown. And that’s quite adequate at the moment. It’s still very much winter but the days are longer and the anticipation is in the air. Not much left now.

Out of character

What on earth is this? Could it really be? This goes against everything you’ve ever known about me. Me, the pink princess, why am I knitting blue (actually petrol) and black and in February nonetheless? And color work on top of that. There is no sense in this, no obvious answer. Have I gone crazy? Have I lost my mind?

No, there is a reasonable explanation. Remember the mittens I forgot? Well, I got a reminder and bad conscience and here I am, knitting a pair of color work mittens in petrol and black, all according to the receiver’s wishes.

I can’t wait till I’m done.

No order

There is a novel by the Swedish author called There is no order on my papers and another one called There is still no order on my paper. I often feel like that. I never have time to sort out my papers and put them where I can find them. Right now it’s like that with my knitting too. There is no order! I don’t have enough room in my stash and even though I try to knit up what I can, I still accumulate more yarn than I knit. Since I don’t knit as much as I used to, I’m afraid I’ve reached SABLE a lot quicker than expected. I don’t have room for my left overs and I just want to take care of it all and sort it out but I don’t have the time. I have needles everywhere and there is no order there either and there is no order on my patterns and markers and safety pins and beads and tapestry needles and I just want a designated spot for everything (preferably easily accessible from the couch where I knit). I’ll try to figure something out concerning the notions and try to find something to take care of stray needles. I can’t really do anything abut the stash at the moment, it’s not a quick fix so to speak since knitting takes a while.

I really should prioritize the leftovers.