Beautiful winter

Sorry for another post with the same view but I need to remember this. I took this picture yesterday morning and it was such a lovely sight. Later in the day we had some snow mixed with rain and the temperature rose and today all we have is rain and gloomy November skies. If that is a sign of how the rest of the winter will be, I will be sad. Therefore I prefer remembering this, the ice on the river, the frost on the ground, the cold and the pink skies. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a white winter.

Hats we remember

We’ve had a few cold days, finally. I’ve roamed my closet and pulled put my winter coat. I love it but it is getting a bit old. I’ve had it for many years now and it might be time to get a new one. A new coat means new knitwear to go with the coat, although I can’t say my current hat is really going with the coat either.

I made it last year and it’s lovely, especially since I found a pompom in the perfect shade of gray. Over the course of this coat though, I’ve had plenty of hats going with it. My first hat, made BB – before blog, was a gray and purple hat, a lovely hat and I loved it very much. It went missing one year though, and I don’t know where. I just couldn’t find it in the fall. It’s probably here somewhere but I haven’t seen it for years.

When that went missing I must have worn hats that were not hand knit for a while. I have lovely berets for example. In 2016 I made myself a new hat though but I lost that one last year. It was a good hat so that was sad but I got over it. If we never lost any knitwear, we would never have a reason to make new ones.

With a new coat I would have a chance to make new things though. A hat and some mittens, scarf I can always conjure from deep within my drawers. But a hat and mittens. I need mittens anyway because for some reason I can’t seem to find the ones I used last year. It seems evident I need a routine for where I put my winter clothes over summer. Maybe I’ll start one in the spring.

Pattern: Violet Hat by Yaroslavla Handmade. Yarn: Flumps Chunky from Ginger’s Hand Dyed, color Hot Fuzz. No mods.

Straight from the cottage – November

Remember the yarn club I entered? The one where I get one skein per month? Well, today I got the skein for November. The color inspiration comes, as always, from nature and this month hawthorn is represented. This created a ochre kind of color and I think something in that color would look good with my grey coat. A shawlette perhaps.

Hawthorn is a great tea flavor so I’m surprised the tea bag that came with the package is not hawthorn but peppermint. So is the lip balm. It doesn’t matter of course but the yarn made me thirsty for hawthorn tea.

The color and the flavor are suitable for November when we’re not quite ready for Christmas and everything is quite grey but you can still see some yellow leaves here and there. Also, the birthstone for November is citrine or yellow topaz so that fits very well. I think I can definitely work with this.

It actually happened

It finally happened. I wasn’t sure it would but here we are. Tonight I wove in the 118th and last end. Now all that is required is a block and then I have another finished shawl, and a crochet one too. The crochet itself was fun but all the ends were probably not worth it, I will make my final decision once it’s blocked. For now I will bask in the feeling of having woven in all those ends.

Overcast and gloom

Fall has fallen and it’s really November. I know a lot of people don’t like November but I do, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s gloomy and rainy and unusually warm for the season butI can’t help but think that we’re almost in December and Christmas is just around the corner. I’m not sure how I feel about that, I know it will be a more stressful time for me overall, and not just due to Christmas, but I hope I will get some of that Christmas feeling as well.

I don’t mind the gloom right now either, I’m too busy to notice anything else anyway. If only I can finish a sock before it’s time to unwrap the gifts, I’m happy.

Yay, I have enough

My sock is badly neglected but today I got a moment to finish the first one. That’s good and all, but that also means I have one sock left to knit as feet often come in pairs. I have cast on the second sock but that’s it. I like them and I do like to knit socks, it’s my regular pattern (I think you can call it that after 11 pairs) and I think it will be great but again, the time, there just is none.

One thing was good about today’s finished sock (besides the obvious progress of course) at that was the amount of left overs. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn for socks this size but the amount left shows I could have knit even bigger socks. I have another ball for the second sock and I must say that I like sock yarn that comes in smaller balls because then you know, without weighing, that you have enough.

Slowly, oh, so slowly

Note to self: you should never pick a project with 118 ends to weave in but you should most certainly not do such a project when your over all crafts time is limited to a minimum. This takes forever and feels so wrong when I don’t have any time to knit or crochet as it is. 18 ends to go.

Mischievous Friday

Embracing the Friday feeling by going out for coffee. The café actually served lent buns which I’ve never seen in store before Christmas before. My friend had one and said it was great. It actually felt a little mischievous, lent bun in November. That’s unheard of. Once you get to a certain age you don’t need much to feel mischievous, but that’s fine, it makes it easier to spice things up in life.

Guilty pleasure

When I was a kid I read a lot of novels for teenagers. I can’t say any of them were particularly good but it kept my reading up, which made it into a good habit. One series I read was this one, Chrystal Falls, about a small town on the American East coast, where the gap between the rich and the poor is huge and divides everyony in the little town. The other week, me and Agnieszka talked about something that reminded me of the series and I mentioned it to her. She got interested and while visiting my mother one day I picked up the books and brought them home. Now we’re both reading, she for the absolute first time and me for the first time in 20 years. One needs a little wisdom and life experience to truly appreciate them, I think, because they’re hilarious. And annoying, tiresome, awful, hysteric, cute, nostalgic and completely hilarious. The’re badly written and even worse tanslated. The main character is tiresome and the love interest is just… too much. He is tall and strong and wears a leather jacket and leans on things (and is of course only in highschool). The other characters are clichés and there are so many levels here that I definitely didn’t see when I was a young teenager but I doubt that the writer saw them either. They are rubbish but also sums up pop culture for teens in a great way. Best guilty pleasure in a long time.

“Woke up it’s my birthday”

I’ve had this song stuck on my brain all day. “Woke up it’s my birthday.” Well, yes it is! I’ve had a good one too. I woke up early (because someone woke me up early, but with presents and singing and cake and so, no, someone else was hungry) and had a soft morning. Then I headed to school to do a recording for an exam with my class mates. After that me and a friend went out for coffee.

Then I had cake at work, not due to birthday but for other reasons, and then I had bought pastries for my students. All in all I’ve had a lot of sugar today which is perfectly in order and exactly what you are supposed to have on your birthday. I also got good books and greetings and love and had a great day.

The students were happy too… 😉