But what color should I substitute with?

Today I got this delicious set of yarn. Simply amazing. (I’m not sure about the orange one but me and orange have a complicated relationship. I figure I can always change it.) There is only one thing possible for a set of yarn like this – Vacillate. A candy colored Vacillate with a crisp white as the main color. It will be so much fun to make, whenever I get around to make it. I have other projects but it sure is time for another Vacillate, it’s been two years since the last time. Anothr Vacillate. The mere idea makes me giddy!

An unexpected designer issue

Next in line is the lace shawl. I made a list of things to knit – a cowl, a baby cardigan and now a lace shawl. I have the yarn and I have the idea, I just need to find a way to execute it. I must say though that I’m not sure how smart it was to make a debut as a designer when the only knitting time I have is when Me Made is napping or otherwise occupied. It’s hard to keep track on what I do or plan and I’d rather not frog and re-do it so I figure I’ll just knit and accept the result. I think it’ll work out. If only I get some time…

The pleasures of summer pt. 2.4 – Lightning

When I was a teenager I once read a book about some kind of spooky mystery. It wasn’t a quality book but it was some kind of escapism and that’s sometimes all you need. I don’t remember much of the plot, I don’t even remember the title (there might have been some kind of cursed doll house in there…?) but I do remember one thing: the weather. Throughout the book the heat is paramount. It’s hot, it’s sticky, it’s smelly, it’s suffocating and it’s just awful. Everybody is suffering. It’s the kind of heat that is almost scary, there is nothing likeable about it. At the end (when the cursed doll house is supposed to be revealed somehow…?) the heat come to its peak and results in a huge and terrifying thunder storm. As readers and watchers of thrillers will know, a thunder storm means trouble.

Not to me though. I love thunder storms. They are a bit scary, I admit that (especially this morning when we were woken up by thunder just above our building), but that’s also the thrill of it. We can do so much these days but nature will always be able to kick our ass and a thunder storm is a great way to remind us of that. Today we’ve had a huge thunder storm and I’ve loved it. We’ve had a huge heat wave the past few weeks and it now culminated in a spectacular and exciting thunder storm. Me Made couldn’t have cared less about the thunder storm (I hope we will share the love of thunder storms in years to come though) but was happy the temperature dropped. The earth loved the rain, the street outside our building flooded and I have been giddy all day (also, I’ve been happy I didn’t have to go outside).

A summer filled with rain gets old pretty quickly but I sure love a good thunder storm every once in a while.

(And so far, I haven’t seen a single doll house all day, neither regular nor cursed. (It might not have been about a doll house. I wonder what it was though…)).

The pleasures of summer pt. 2.3 – Friends

Today’s pleasure of summer is of course strawberries and flowers but most of all friends being in the area and dropping by. Summer usually means time off which means more time to do fun things like small trips which means visiting friends. Today my friend Fatou was in the area and dropped by. She brought strawberries, chocolate and a beautiful lily and she played with Me Made who seemed very pleased with the visit.

Last year for her birthday I made Fatou wrist warmers to match her hair. They were purple and petrol. This year, Fatou’s hair is blue…

Under-yarned? Never!

If you ask any knitter what’s the worst thing that could happen to them knitwise, one of the things they would say is to be under-yarned. Me too, I’m also constantly afraid of being under-yarned, either in the aspect that I get a lot of unexpected knitting time or that I underestimated the amount of knitting I could accomplish in the time I had. What if I run out of yarn? That would be horrible. Therefore I, and most other knitters, bring an insane amount of yarn with us where ever we go.

The thing is, I have actuallt run out of yarn once. I was at a conference and I knit socks and by the second day I had one and a half sock done and no more yarn. It was horrible. Since then I bring so much knitting with me all the time. Today I had an apointment where I knew I probably wouldn’t  be able to knit a single stitch but that didn’t stop me from being so worried that I cast on a pair of socks yesterday, in addition to my other projects. I put the sock in my project bag and then I looked at the second yarn ball for the second sock. I had an entire sock with me, I had a baby sweater and my crochet shawl as well, that’s at least ten hours of knitting. I did the only reasonable thing, I brought the second yarn ball.

In the end, I didn’t knit a single stitch.

And again!

I’m on a roll here! Today I blocked the next finished item, the gradient shawl. I love how it turned out. I think it look like a set of pink wings. It will be nice to try it on later.


… cowl is blocking. Yay!

It was a fun shape to block too and not at all as difficult as I had imagined. It’s not perfectly laid out but it’s fine by me which is, as it should be, the scale which my knitting is measured against. If I say it’s good enough, it’s good enough.

The pleasures of summer pt. 2.2 – Leisure time

  • There is a lot of food connected with summer but just look at those berries! Strawberries and raspberries and eating outside, that truly is a pleasure. And a chocolate cake isn’t bad either.
  • In the summer I also enjoy solving crossword puzzles. I don’t really have the time during the rest of the year but in the summer I try to take the time to do a sudoko puzzle or two and some crossword ones as well. It’s something that requires time and a peace of mind and I can usually find that during summer vacation. Peace of mind is really a pleasure!
  • Decisions, decisions

    Today I could finally cast on a new MKAL. Due to shipping delays I’m really behind and the fourth clue is already out. It’s fine though, I know my knitting takes longer time these days and that’s okay.

    Now the question is, should I have the light purple one as main color or the dark blue? When I decided on the colors for this one so really took my time and thought long and hard and decided that these two would look good together. They might not be very summer-y but I still like them together and I think the end result will be beautiful. If I can ever decide on main color and contrasting color that is.

    The pleasures of summer pt. 2.1 – A revival

    A couple of years ago I was feeling like I couldn’t really enjoy my vacation and that I was missing out on summer while waiting for something else. I have the same feeling this year. I’m trying hard to create some memories from this summer. Two years ago I solved the problem by noting the pleasures of summer here in the blog and I’ve decided to do the same this year.

    So, to start: today we had a very lovely breakfast outside, with scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, tea, toast, marmelade and much more. It was great, very tasty, very special and truly something to remember.